For cities in the most isolated regions experts explore options for microreactors, small nuclear reactors that could be built in a factory
INL | 01.08.2019
Image credit: Idaho National Laboratory

Neutrons shed light on industrial catalyst to improve the cost and efficiency of large-scale hydrogen production
ORNL | 30.07.2019
Image credit: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) brings promising high-efficiency solar sell down to Earth
NREL | 26.07.2019
Image credit: Dennis Schroeder/NREL

Perovskite solar cells tested for real-world real-world conditions into the controlled environment of the lab
EPFL | 21.06.2019
Image credit: Wolfgang Tress (EPFL)

Record efficiency for a gas engine: the consumption with prechamber combustion process was reduced by 20%
Empa | 20.06.2019
Image credit: Empa

45.5-tesla direct-current magnetic field generated with a high-temperature superconducting magnet
Nature | 12.06.2019
Image credit: National MagLab/FSU

PPPL is using ORNL’s Summit supercomputer to predict plasma behavior for the next fusion reactor
ITER | 26.11.2018

A new design could greatly extend the shelf life of single-use metal-air batteries for many applications
MIT | 08.11.2018
Image credit: MIT researchers

A new design that improves the performance, cost, and safety of large lithium ion batteries
MIT | 07.11.2018
Image credit: Chris Carleton

New generation of flow batteries could eventually sustain a grid powered by the sun and wind

Conversione di energia solare concentrata con sistema termoionico-termoelettrico

MIT: novel design could help shed excess heat in next-generation fusion power plants

Li-ion batteries safety: ETH researcher looks deep into the material structure of the separator

A new way to manufacture small batches of biopharmaceuticals on demand

Plasma Science and Fusion Center: pushing the plasma density limit